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About Us

About Us

Our brand is not just coffee, it’s more than that

About Selfmade

Are you excited to experience a unique environment that gives you a sense of self-expression? Looking for a world-class coffee experience?

Selfmade is a unique brand in Riyadh city that offers special coffee, hot and cold drinks, delicious food  and desserts.

We love hospitality, our customers are our inspiration. We’ve designed a friendly, comfortable environment where you can chill with your friends, study, work and follow your dreams.

Our philosophy and principle is to encourage you to be the best version of yourself. We assure you that your experience will be unforgettable.

Our Story


Our Journey

Our mission is to make an experience that inspires you and helps you achieve your goals. We are proud to have the best coffee and the most delicious food to serve. We’ve carefully selected our products to stimulate your senses. As we strive to grow SelfMade coffee by the highest standards.

Our quality is our goal

In SelfMade we strive to excel in all situations. Our brand grows and develops in all aspects, our production line expands and our workplaces increase continuously. We are constantly looking for new innovative ideas. Yet our interest in quality is the key to our brand success.

Our Products

As a brand, we are committed to a standard of excellence, and our products are no exception. We are proud to offer a range of products that our customers can enjoy in stores, at home and of course, on the go. Our pastries and food items contain the finest ingredients in line with our commitment to exceedingly high quality. Our coffee beans are sourced from well-seasoned farmers and roasters.

To whom  we serve?

We target those characters who want to constantly improve themselves. Our goal now is to foster creativity and aspirations. We welcome customers of all ages. Students, entrepreneurs, professionals and dreamers are all welcomed to our branches.

Entrepreneurs, Students, Athletes, coffee lovers, Fashion and art lovers and all classes and categories.